British Columbia Micro License Association

Our mission is to assist in bringing BC's craft cannabis to the new federally regulated marketplace in a timely manner.

We, through our analysis and due diligence, have identified that  the craft cannabis industry in BC has many unforeseen obstacles in place that will require effective advocacy and lobbying to the local municipal and provincial governments to allow BC's world famous high quality craft cannabis to enter the market on pace with the other provinces.

What we do...

We have been contacting and collecting information from the many different municipalities in southern BC in regards to the upcoming launch of federal recreational legislation.

We have yet to hear anything positive or progressive, so we have been assembling information packages that are being presented to lobby these municipalities on the fundamentals of the potential economic and social benefits of a craft cannabis industry in BC.

We have met with municipal officials and spoken with national media agencies and continue to do so, advancing our agenda at every opportunity.


Next Steps...

We hope to build our member base  and resources to show a strong support for our mission.

Joining is as easy as sending an email to  This will give you access to our weekly news letter and open a line of communication with us so we can assist in getting your local municipality warmed up to the idea of craft cannabis in BC!